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locacion toursCESKY KRUMLOV - UNESCO

Cesky Krumlov city of unesco

Cesky Krumlov UNESCO city

This is a medieval town located in southern Bohemia that has still retained its original character. This renaissance castle - once the seat of the powerful Lords of the Rozmberks and the Schwarzenbergs - houses large collections of period furniture..........


karlovy vary czech republic

Karlovy Vary thermal city

This is a renewed spa town located in Western Bohemia which gained its reputation by the discovery of hot mineral springs. The history of the springs originates in the Middle Ages. The waters are used to treat all kinds of disorders. ......

locacion toursKUTNA HORA - UNESCO

kutna hora city of unesco

Kutna Hora UNESCO city

Due to the prosperous silver mines Kutna Hora became, after Prague, the second most important town of the Bohemian kingdom in the Middle Ages ......


czech Terezin Concentration camp

Terezin Concentration camp in Czech Republic

This former garrison town and fortress was originally built by Emperor Joseph II. to protect the kingdom of Bohemia against Prusia at the end of the 18th century ......


factory beer prague czech

Pilzen beer factory

Beer for Czechs is a source of national pride, a symbol of its past and own culture. The Czech Republic is at the top of the list of beer consumption per head, and is the most extensively exported beer in the world ......

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locacion tours  Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov excursion

One of the most beautiful cities in the Czech Republic, fascinating at every angle, unique .....
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locacion tours  Grand City Tours

all prague excursion

Excursion in Prague, all its history, its corners and its legends ...
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locacion tours  Karlovy Vary

karlovy vary excurcion

One day excursion in Karlovy Vary, city of thermal baths, visited in history by great personalities, Franz Josef, Beethoven, Goethe, Marx, among others ...
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National Tradition
Beer production

tradicion checa

It is said that each city, each town has its brewery, that the porduction of it goes beyond producing a drink ....
During the visit you will see the process of making the beer and ingredients that make this beer unique to the world. For more information about this excursion click below